Olay Professional Pro-X Anti-Aging Starter Protocol, 1 Kit

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Olay Professional is at the forefront of science and anti-aging technology. Leading dermatologists Aging and Olay skin scientists have Aging partnered to establish Anti the Olay Professional Advisery Panel Birth for Skin Care wholesale nfl jerseys Innovation. This … More >>

Olay Professional Pro-X Anti-Aging Starter Protocol, 1 Kit

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6 Responses to “Olay Professional Pro-X Anti-Aging Starter Protocol, 1 Kit”
  1. Summary: After using this product for three weeks, I have elected to stay with the regimen constructed by my dermatologist: Renova (for exfoliating dead skin and building collagen) and CeraVe (for moisturizing). While some may find this cost prohibitive, I will elect to invest a little more in my skin-care to achieve optimal results. A study recently conducted by Allure magazine agrees.

    The details: With Renova running about $200.00 per tube and Olay claiming comparable results, I decided to take a break from my usual regime and try Pro-X. The results simply paled in comparison. My skin simply lacked the luster and smoothness that Renova delivers. Moreover, while Renova is odorless, there is a slight medicinal note to the Pro-X products. (I’m curious if that scent is added to give the consumer a feeling that he/she is using a product that is comparable to prescription “medications” or if it’s merely a result of the ingredients).

    Who I think this could see results from this system: I have always been devoted to proper skincare. When I entered my 20s, I began yearly trips to the dermatologist to ensure that I would never have “play catch-up” with time. Ten years later: Renova was/is worth every single dollar. (And when used properly, peeling is very rare). However, if you have been neglecting your skin for years (by sun-bathing, not wearing a SPF daily, smoking, drinking etc…) and want to change your habits as well as the quality of your skin, I believe you will see results with Pro-X. No, it will not be the same as visiting your local dermatologist, but it will be a close second. So, PLEASE, skip the expensive department-store creams (like Chanel, Clinique, Estée Lauder, etc…), they are nearly as expensive as Renova (if not MORE expensive) and do not have shared results. (Kinerase is the exception here … dermatologists do recommend this product for diminishing fine lines and improving texture).

    If you do not have medical insurance and do not care to pay for a visit to the dermatologist (it can be pricey, I agree), try Pro-X and expect results.

    The caveat: Allure magazine recently conducted an independent study of Pro-X (which alleges to give similar results to Renova). (See this month’s issue). The results: after 24 weeks of using Pro-X, subjects saw a 25% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles … but the results were not as dramatic as those who use Renova. (However, subjects did not experience the potential dryness and peeling that can result from over-applying or overusing Renova).

    So it’s pretty much about your expectations and your priorities (and the state of your finances). Pro-X will deliver results to those who have seriously neglected their skin. Pro-X will not deliver results to those who have been vigilant (i.e. obsessed with optimal skin health). If you are tempted, then I say, try this product … and (whatever the results) return here and post your experience!
    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. Maggie Mae says:

    I got my Olay Pro-X Anti-Aging Starter Protocol products a couple weeks ago and I’ve been using them morning and night. In the morning I use the Eye Restoration Complex and the Age Repair Lotion with SPF 30. The eye cream is silky and smooth. The age repair lotion hydrates skin and protects it from the sun and also helps to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles.

    In the evening I apply the Eye Restoration Complex again and this seems to banish those dark circles, puffiness and crow’s feet. And a plus, it reduces excess under-eye fluids. My last step at night is to apply the Wrinkle Smoothing Cream (which is also silky and smooth). It smoothes uneven textures with moisture, combating those fine lines and wrinkles.

    Although I’ve only been using the Pro-X Anti-Aging Starter Protocol products for a couple weeks I already feel a difference on my face. It’s smoother and I think I have a nice glow. I’ve used many other Olay products in the past and loved them all, but these, for me at least, are the best so far. You can’t beat silky and smooth, you really can’t.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. amazon's fan says:

    My skin condition is towards the dry and sensitive side.

    This is a product that requires some time to see a more clear result. But, after my first few uses, I can say that I enjoy it very much, no less than the expensive products from Lancome, Lamer, or Estee Lauder.

    As soon as you apply any of the three products on your skin, you can feel immediate hydration that lasts for hours. However, it does not make you feel greasy or oily. Instead, it feels silky and soft. One thing I’d like to specially mention about the SPF day lotion is that it doesn’t make my skin feel remarkably stingy like the other SPF products that I’ve used. It is a little bit, but very subtle. Again, my skin is on the sensitive side. It does not affect other people the same way. Most people might not even feel it.

    I will continue to use it and update everyone on my observation. For a week of use now, I do enjoy the products very much. My 4-star rating comes from not knowing its full effect at this point.

    ***January 15, 2009***

    I will continue to say that I enjoy the products and all of the above stay true.

    After I apply the cream, it does what Olay has claimed, which is to moisturize my skin and help stay smooth and hydrated for hours to come. It does not feel greasy or uncomfortable at all. It is a lot like Lancome’s many products. The only difference is that Lancome’s smell is very strong and floral, which is partly what makes it cost so much.

    The only suggestion I will make is that it would be quite nice if it were easier to be spread out on the face with a bit of fragrant smell that would not hurt.

    Good skin does come from many factors, food intake, weather, hormones, genetics, chemical procedure, etc. Products as this do not reduce wrinkles or take away any permanent damanges/changes. That being said, good products do help skin stay hydrated, feel smooth and good, as well as be protected from direct sunlight.

    In conclusion, I believe these products are as good as advertised.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. Background- I am 38 and have been told I look good for my age. I have olive and oily skin but not prone to breakouts. I do have some discoloration from many years out on the beach and have some fine lines around my eyes. I got Botox and IPL treatements a few years ago before my wedding and I loved the results however I cannot afford to do that on a regular basis and I don’t want to end up with a freeze face as I call it. Too much Botox is not a good thing.

    Fast Forward- The effects of my IPL and Botox treatments are long gone. I have tried many lines of beauty products, studied ingredients, etc. When I heard about Pro X, I decided to try it. For the price, it’s really not bad considering what I have paid for dept. store brands. I had a $5 coupon and a $25 rebate so it was a $31 investment.

    I have been using the “starter kit” for just about a month now and this is what I have observed:

    *Tightening of skin around eyes/crowsfeet- yes, my neighbor asked my husband if I had got shot up with Botox! 2 other friends of mine wanted to know what I was using on my skin. They said I look refreshed.

    *My skin is more even toned and pores appear smaller- I say “appear” because your pores can’t shrink and don’t buy anything that says it will SHRINK pores. Also, my skin has better clarity and it’s more even toned. This product does not claim to cure hyperpigmentation but it really has improved mine!

    *My skin is moisturized, glows- I have oily skin and these products are not oily at all. Also, I have psoriasis so fragrance is a NO NO! I don’t need a break out on my face. I also like the fact that the product seems to absorb rather than SIT on the surface of my skin. It just feels good on my skin!

    All and all, I think this product, especially the eye cream and night cream are exceptional! The daytime moisturizer is great but I prefer a tinted moisturizer (my preference- MD Skincare Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20, worth every penny! ).

    I don’t use Olay cleansers as I prefer Cetaphil, Witch Hazel and Baking Soda (YEP) for exfoliation. My experience with cleansers is simple is better. Also I believe their cleanser have fragrance.

    I will continue to use Olay Pro X religiously! Everyone will have different results of course but my experience has been nothing short of exceptional and NO MORE NEEDLES! It’s the first time I have written a product review and this one I felt was worth sharing.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. One thing I would NEVER skimp on is my moisturizer. I’ve been an Estee Lauder girl for years. I tried this kit and have been amazed at what it has done for my face. I am almost 60 years old. The starter kit lasted for 2 months for me. I use it twice a day. The skin around my eyes is so tight compared to what it was that it’s hard to believe. The face creams have made a difference in the look and feel of my skin too. This kit, combined with the Regenerist Sculpting Cream for the jaw line only, have made me an Olay convert!! Amazon has the best price around. Order it and give it a try. You won’t be sorry!!! If you don’t like it for some reason, Olay will refund your money as long as you’ve used it for 30 days. I don’t normally write reviews, but on this one I had to pass it along. Amazing stuff and reasonably priced.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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